Dyson refurbishing services

If you need to refurbish your Dyson vacuum cleaners, head over to our store in Glasgow.

Servicing of your Dyson

Sometimes your Dyson just doesn’t work as well as it should. Do you find yourself pushing the dirt around or does it keep stopping for no reason? Chances are, something has worn out or needs replacement. At Glasgow Dyson Centre, when we service your Dyson, we take it apart and inspect every element, fitting new parts to replace those that are no longer up to the job. The result? A Dyson that is working like new again – all at the low price of £18 plus spare parts.

Our servicing method:

We get to the root of the problem you are experiencing
We transform your Dyson back to the dirt-busting machine it once was
A fast turnaround on Dyson servicing
Dyson refurbishments
Necessary spare parts supplied

Dyson refurbishments

It could be that your Dyson needs a complete overhaul to get it back to its former self. We provide Dyson refurbishments at competitively low prices to ensure that your beloved vacuum cleaner is living up its full potential.

Dyson refurbishing services in Glasgow. For more details, call Glasgow Dyson Centre on
0141 334 1728 for more details.

Very helpful and fast service with low prices. Would definitely recommend.